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Top 20 ACNH Room Designs for Creative House Inspiration in 2024

1 month 2 weeks ago #927 by TomasMensik
Are you struggling to design creative rooms in your Animal Crossing: New Horizons house but looking for inspiration? In this article, we will showcase some of the most impressive  ACNH Room Designs  created by talented fans and how you can be inspired to design your own unique rooms. Modern Living Room DesignA modern  living room  is a great choice if you want a sleek, minimalist vibe in your Animal Crossing home. This design uses simple white and grey tones with elegant furnishings like the box sofa and low wooden table. Mounted televisions and potted monstera plants add stylish touches. For this clean modern look, use neutral flooring and wallpaper with sparse decorations in muted colors.Items UsedDesign TipsBox sofa, low wooden table, mounted TV, potted monstera plantChoose neutral colors, few decor items, clean lines for a minimalist vibeRustic Kitchen DesignGet cozy cooking vibes with a rustic countryside kitchen. Wood plank flooring paired with brick wallpaper and open flame stove evoke a cabin feeling. Copper-colored pots, cutting boards and utensils lining the walls complete the rustic aesthetic. Add terra-cotta or plants for natural accents. This warm, inviting design is perfect for hosting cooking classes or dinner parties with friends in-game.Items UsedDesign TipsOpen flame stove, wood plank flooring, brick wallpaper, copper pots and accessoriesIncorporate wood, brick and earth tones with cooking-themed decor for rustic charm
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Underwater Mermaid RoomBring the ocean into your house with an enchanting underwater room theme. Blue or green wallpaper and Mermaid-print flooring set the scene. Place a white sand path, water cooler and seashell furniture for an aquatic feel. Real mermaid dresses and accessories complete the look. For a magical underwater experience indoors, immerse yourself in this dreamy environment filled with oceanic items and colors.Items UsedDesign TipsMermaid-print flooring, blue wallpaper, white sand path, seashell furniture, mermaid dressesChoose blue-green tones and seashell/ocean decorations for an ocean sanctuary feelCozy Forest RoomBring the outdoors inside with a woodland-inspired guest room. Place pine tree and wood-stripped wallpaper with brown covered flooring for a forest floor effect. Use log furniture like the DIY log bed, wild log bench and natural accent items. Mini fenced garden areas, campfire and leaf piles transport you deep into the forest atmosphere. This rustic yet calming design is perfect for listening to nature sounds at night.Items UsedDesign TipsLog furniture, pine tree wallpaper, mini garden fences, campfire, leaf pilesOpt for brown-green tones and natural textures to channel forest vibesSpace and Galaxy RoomSatisfy your inner astrophysicist with a celestial room dedicated to stellar exploration. Create the feeling of distant worlds with starry wallpaper and asteroid flooring. A flying saucer, sci-fi flooring and lunar rover will immerse you in intergalactic adventures. For heightened atmosphere, play "K.K. Starry Night" in the background. This far-out design shows how creative players can inject their interests into any ACNH room.Items UsedDesign TipsStarry wallpaper, asteroid flooring, flying saucer, sci-fi flooring, lunar roverUse constellation, galaxy and planetary decorations for an out-of-this-world ambianceManga/Anime RoomOtaku fans will love decorating an anime-inspired space. Hang illuminated cherry blossom branches overhead with bamboo partition floor dividers and a washi tape wallpaper. Place manga Library shelves overflowing with books, go boards, anime character models and festive kagamimochi stacks. For the ultimate immersive experience, put on your yukata and grab a snack to get lost in your favorite stories.Items UsedDesign TipsIlluminated cherry branches, bamboo partition, washi tape wallpaper, manga library, go boards, character figuresSelect Japanese furnishings and decorations for an authentic otaku atmosphereLibrary StudyWhether for academics or leisurely reading, a library study room is a calming creative space. Use wooden-deck rug flooring and white wooden walls for a polished look. Feature an antique natural wood system with book stack, writing desk and lab experiments set. Place real and fake potted plants or glass partition shelving units bursting with books. Jazzy vinyl records complement the intellectual atmosphere.Items UsedDesign TipsWooden flooring, white walls, antique natural wood system, plants, bookshelvesOpt for polished wood and books to channel classic library characteristicsGame RoomDedicate a space for fun with friends in an  arcade-styled playroom . Cover floors in mosaic tile and walls in circuitry wallpaper for a tech arena feel. Display arcade machines, claw machines, billiards tables, 50-inch wall TVs, retro gaming consoles and board game stations. Place party poppers and hanging illuminated balloons around walls for excitement. This energetic design inspires endless gaming sessions and activities indoors.Items UsedDesign TipsArcade machines, claw machine, billiards tables, TVs, games, party decorIncorporate gaming furniture and entertainment fixtures with celebratory elementsCreative StudioNurture inner creativity in a stylish art space. Start with a sleek wood plank floor, white walls and colorful floating shelves. Place an elegant brown grand piano, drum set and mic, synth keyboard and microphone stands. Add artist workbenches strewn with crafting items, albums and plants. For productive vibes, play nature sounds or upbeat playlists. All creative minds will find inspiration in this stimulating yet cozy design.Items UsedDesign TipsWorkbenches, instruments, plants, albums, craft suppliesCurate artistic furnishings and decor to fuel creative pursuitsJapanese Tea RoomSip matcha and relax in a traditional Japanese tearoom. Layer tatami flooring with simple patterned wallpaper. At the heart, place an intricate kotatsu table and floor cushions for lounging. Display bonsai trees, stacked zen cushions and paper lanterns throughout. Folding screens and bamboo partitions maintain calm ambiance. Inhale deeply to soothe mind and spirit in this peaceful sanctuary far from ordinary daily life.Retro BedroomTake a trip down memory lane with a '70s or '80s inspired kid's bedroom. Cover the floor in checkerboard or heart patterned tiles and walls in colorful striped wallpaper. Feature a cute bed like the Papa panda or Mama panda bed along with a claw-foot tub. Decorate with vintage cassette players, record boxes, framed photos and a neon sign. Bright colors and fun furnishings make this a nostalgic space to relax and dream.Items UsedDesign TipsCheckered flooring, striped wallpaper, vintage bed, tub, electronics, colorful decorChoose bold colors and retro items for a throwback atmosphereTropical ParadiseEnvision island vacation vibes with a lush jungle room. Opt for sandy-brown patterned flooring and natural wood panel walls. Display monstera and fan palm trees among tropical fish models, shell fountains and hanging terrariums. Don't forget a simple outdoor shower and thatched canopy bed. Listen to calming ocean waves or tropical bird songs to feel fully transported to a South Pacific oasis sans the travel. So go to learn how to make a  Tropical Paradise in Animal Crossing .Items UsedDesign TipsSandy flooring, trees, fish models, terrariums, canopy bed, outdoorsy itemsGo green with plants and island elements for a tropical hideaway atmosphereFairytale CottagecoreConjure pastoral charm with a countryside storybook room. Weave together a light brown wooden deck rug and yellow rose-print wallpaper. Place a charming iron and stone fireplace plus woven brown log furniture. Finishing touches like potted floral arrangements, blossom viewing lanterns and wrapped gifts under a crescent moon create serene magical ambiance. Spark imagination by nourishing rustic beauty in every detail.Items UsedDesign TipsRustic wood furniture, floral accents, fireplace, woodsy motifsOpt for earth tones, floral prints and pastoral charm to evoke cottagecore essenceBy now you've glimpsed a wide variety of themed ACNH Room Designs to spark creativity in your own home remodeling. Whether minimalist modern, rustic cozy or whimsically unique, the choice is yours. Experiment fearlessly - it's easy to rearrange rooms anytime. Most of all, have fun designing personalized spaces that reflect your distinct style and interests in the relaxing world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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